Pizza Inn’s All-Day Buffet Features a Whopping 40 Items

There’s no shortage of deliciousness on Pizza Inn’s buffet line, which features 40 items. Ranging from specialty pizzas to Stromboli, to desserts, the buffet provides incredible value and choices to satisfy the whole family. The buffet line continues to receive new items, such as the Taco Pizza, Chicken Fajita Pizza, and flatbreads all added at […]

Pizza for Breakfast is Healthier than You Think

Pizza is a staple for many and having it for breakfast has become an American classic. Nutritionist Chelsey Amer let out a fun fact that has everyone rethinking their breakfast choices. A slice of pizza, according to Chelsey, is actually better for you than the go-to cereal breakfast. Port Neches’ Pizza Inn owner, Donny Broussard, […]

The All-Day Buffet Leads to New Locations

Starting in small-towns across the South, Pizza Inn became well-known for its buffet. After years of limited buffet hours, it was decided that the buffet would be offered all day long. Since doing so, the results speak for themselves. Same-stores sales have grown thanks to mid-day and late evening access to the buffet. The change […]

Thought About Owning Your Own Business? Why You Should Buy A Franchise

Many have the dream of owning a business and becoming their own boss. With the holiday season approaching, it’s easy to imagine a life with more time to spend with family and loved ones. It seems like a big take-on to start a new business from the ground-up, even more so without the experience of […]

Customer Service at A Pizza Restaurant

Restaurants thrive off of good customer service. It leads to customer retention, positive word-of-mouth advertising, and often times, success. However, pizza restaurants don’t always have a lot of interaction with customers the way other restaurants do. The typical pizza restaurant does business through delivery and carryout. Some don’t even provide a place for customers to […]

RAVE Restaurant Group, Inc. Names Brandon Solano CEO

RAVE Restaurant Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: RAVE) today announced that its Board of Directors has named Brandon L. Solano as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Mr. Solano succeeds Scott…

Pizza Isn’t Just Food, It’s a Place

  In the United States, pizza is a staple. It’s a celebration, an after-game event, a Friday night out, a fan favorite. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and flavors, and is always a crowd-pleaser. In this day and age, the choices for dinner are endless. Orange chicken, tacos, burgers and fries, all are easily […]

Pizza Enthusiasts Become Entrepreneurs

Pizza enthusiasts, those who are die-hard pizza connoisseurs, are becoming entrepreneurs and opening their own pizza restaurants. Taking this next step isn’t easy, as most of them don’t have experience in the business. In fact, they often seek help in order to become profitable. With the dream of owning their own business, and a love […]

Restaurant Sales Still Soaring

Restaurant sales continue to soar, increasing by more than 4% this year alone, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The increasing sales aren’t uncommon for the industry, which has been growing steadily in recent years. NRA Senior VP of Research says that from a consumer’s perspective, the two key drivers for the restaurant industry are […]

Pizza Inn Executes Multi-Unit Franchise Agreement to Expand in Oklahoma and Kansas

RAVE President Bob Bafundo announced today that Pizza Inn, the international pizza restaurant with a local hometown feel, has executed an area development agreement with Franchisee Tony Nemer. The…