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Opening a Pizza Inn is unlike any other franchise opportunity. 
When you become a franchisee, you’re opening more than a restaurant. Pizza Inn is a gathering place in many of the communities we call home. 

This commitment is something we at Pizza Inn take seriously. We believe that pizza is an opportunity to put a smile on every face. Our business model is designed to maximize that. 

So, if having a reputation for serving your community, slinging the best pizza in town, and making money get you revved up, read on. 

The BIG questions

So glad you asked.
Or at least you were going to.

Is Hometown America an actual place or a strategy, you wonder? The answer is yes.

For Pizza Inn, Hometown America is a network of real places that dot the landscape across the Southern US. Almost always outside the major metros but often in adjacent counties, including secondary cities and towns often overlooked or underserved by corporate food service brands.

But beyond that, hometown is an ideal, a place that virtually everyone carries somewhere within them. Becoming the preferred gathering place in your town provides value that brands based on in-and-out transaction models can’t match. This is why we say Pizza Inn “gets” hometown. Its people and its pulse. 

We believe Hometown America is a vision worth investing in. Our mission is to make it both personally fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Pizza is always a unique opportunity to turn any meal into an occasion. We’ve seen it happen up close and personal too many times to think otherwise. 

That’s why we think pizza deserves our best efforts. Why we’re committed to house-made products and processes. Why we pride ourselves on getting the staples right. And why we keep bringing people new and interesting takes on that familiar round crust they love.

Pizza has proven resilience across the ups and downs of business cycles and decades. No matter what the times bring, pizza makes people happy.

Pizza Inn’s buffet gives guests something different: Variety. We’ve perfected the pizza buffet so every member of the group can get exactly what they want. And nothing comes between them and their appetite.

Small wonder, then, that our pizza buffet brings people together from all walks of life – families, business lunches, construction workers, you name it. These large groups mean larger ticket sales without the hassle of additional labor costs. 

That’s why pizza and the buffet are made for each other.

Pizza Inn vs.
other pizza

Jan-Sept 2023 YOY
Same-Store Sales

Most loved local brand in TX

Source: OnDeck Sentiment Analysis

People want a Pizza Inn.

Pizza Inn Country is real. With more than 800 locations at our peak, there’s a pre-existing network of cities and towns across the Southern US where memories of Pizza Inn are still strong. And provide a source of existing demand just waiting to be tapped.

Expanding Markets

New Markets

what’s next?

As you might have guessed by now, Pizza Inn is as much a culture – or even a movement – as it is a restaurant.

You might decide you want to join the pizza inn team if:

You have a strong personal connection to your Hometown 

You believe mealtime is an essential time for the family to come together

You’re intrigued by the unexplored possibilities of pizza

We’d like to get to know you better!

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