New Consumers Come with New Expectations

A study conducted by Technomic found that pizza is most popular with Generation Z and millennials. With this wave of younger consumers come different expectations that pizza brands must meet in order to earn their business. The pizza connoisseur of today’s world expects three key things: better technology, quality ingredients, and transparency of what’s going into their food.

Better Technology

New technologies have made ordering pizza easier than ever. With a few clicks, a consumer can have a pizza customized to their liking and made fresh without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. The younger consumer demands this technology, and pizza chains that are quick to meet the demand will earn their business over others.

Quality Ingredients and Transparency of Where They Come From

The younger demographic entering the world of pizza expects a healthier, fresher list of ingredients than ever before. They also expect to know exactly what is going into their pizza and where it came from. Pizza brands have become increasingly transparent and are offering healthier ingredients that cater to this demographic.

As demographics change, so do their wants and expectations. However, the Pizza Industry remains strong as brands are quickly adapting to fit the desires of new consumers.


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