Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. The Pizza Inn brand has been around since 1958, and has trained thousands of folks in that time. Our core program consists of a four-week Manager in Training (MIT) course that takes place in a certified training location close to your home. While there are no fees associated with the training, lodging and transportation are not included. Additional training will also take place on site as the store gets ready to open.


While we encourage our successful operators to grow by adding units, we understand that all large-scale groups began with a first store. Our development strategy is to provide a solid base to start with tools to grow when ready. However, if you desire a multi-unit deal, we can certainly discuss this format as well.


One Pizza Inn’s greatest resources is a leading team of development personnel that have been involved with some of the biggest brands in the industry. In addition to assisting in site selection, the construction team is equipped to assist in all areas of the design and build phases.We understand the stress that can come with opening a new restaurant, and take pride in simplifying the process so you can focus on the community and your staff.


We examine many different metrics to determine the size of a market. Not only do we look at a snapshot of today, but we also look into the future to see how growth patterns may affect the region. Defining a territory and building a saturation plan are critical steps that should be agreed to early in the process. At Pizza Inn, we discuss this prior to any documents being signed. Please note that each concept (Buffet, Delco, Express and P.I.E.) has a different protective radius area. These variables will be included in the Market Saturation Analysis.


Real estate site selection can take 90–120 days, and the normal build out timeline can range from 60–120 days.  We recommend that you plan for at least nine months to get your first store open.


We at Pizza Inn pride ourselves on our ability. Not only do we want to reward veterans for their service to this great country, we know that veterans historically make great franchisees due to their extensive training and experience. Any veteran, either active duty or retired, is eligible for a 33% franchise fee discount for their first unit. Think of it as our little way of saying“thanks”to the service men and women for all they do.


Pizza Inn prides ourselves on our ability to provide a toolbox of resources for our franchise partners. In addition to ongoing operational and training support, we also provide advertising plans, local store marketing programs, technology and purchasing (food, packaging and equipment) support for your restaurant.


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