Pizza Inn - Baked Fresh Since 1958
  • Large 2-Topping Pizza (200-500 cal/slice)
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  • Four half pizzas (two medium pizzas with up to two toppings on each side) Plus Any 2 Sides
  • Sides Available: Garlic Rolls (8 ct), Med. Garlic Cheesebread, Med. Chocolate Chip Pizzert, Med. Cinnamon Stromboli
  • Sides Con't: Sm. Garden Salad (Available for Party Pack & Family Feast only)
  • Sides Con't: Lg. Garden Salad (Available for Ultimate Variety only)
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  • Large 3-Topping or Specialty Pizza (190-500 cal/slice)
  • Medium Chocolate Chip Pizzert (190 cal/slice)
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Dough made fresh all day

A helping hand for our hometowns

There's nothing more important to us than giving back to our communities any way we can. We don't just make pizza – we make an impact by supporting schools, first responders, active military and veterans, youth organizations and local teams. As America's Hometown Pizza Place, we've been proudly supporting our hometowns for over 60 years.