Pizza Inn International

Each day the world seems a little smaller and the extension of American restaurant brands are a significant contributor to that trend. Pizza Inn has been franchising domestically since 1961 and internationally since the mid 70’s. When considering what brand to franchise with, history and experience in working outside the United States makes a measurable difference. Although pizza, as a finger food, transcends all cultural boundaries, it is important to take local cultures and taste expectations into consideration. We work to not only project the classic and signature pizza flavors, but to create and develop local flavors into new pizzas for each market. Our flexibility of pizza toppings and ability to create and adapt makes the brand attractive regardless of where development takes us.

Now with over 68 locations throughout 9 countries, with a strong presence in the Middle East region, Pizza Inn continues to open new locations across multiple countries. Currently, there are plans to open restaurants in China and other parts of Asia Pacific to increase our current presence.

Quality Product

Just as in the United States, consumers around the world expect a quality product at a fair price. We work to source as many ingredients locally to minimize cost while projecting similar flavor and quality that we enjoy in all Pizza Inns. The key to a successful franchised concept is utilizing that time-tested method to project consistency on an every day basis. In that Pizza Inn has spent over 50 years refining these processes, you can be assured that everything we do and every decision we make, is in the best interest of quality and the brand.

Quality Franchises

At Pizza Inn we offer our international franchisees expert initial training, construction documents, equipment and smallware direction, Grand Opening processes, plus ongoing operations and marketing support. If you are seeking to develop internationally, now is the time! With populations exploding and earnings soaring in many countries, a new middle class is developing as a dominant consumer for many fast food brands. Customers are eating out more and more as families dine at home less and less. This trend mirrors the dining trends in the US during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and it will surely continue abroad.